Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Overreaching: 1M-2M-1M

Mcmillan put me at 5:59 to a 6:06 pace per mile for this workout.
~2M w\u-16:51
felt lousy shortly after start of 2M-6:21 and 6:52
took gel, queued up "Eye of the Tiger", took off and started a marathon shuffle after the first turn 1M-7:19 heavy legs
~2M c\d 17:45

With the above w\o it may be time to recognize a bit of overreaching accumulating over the last two weeks of determined training.

Overreaching & Tapering
Overreaching is characterized by a sharp increase in training volume. Overreaching is thought to be an early stage of overtraining which can result in increased fatigue and performance decrements. However, an increase in performance above baseline can occur, if an overreaching phase of approximately 1 week is followed by an immediate return to normal training. A taper following normal training can result in additional performance increases.

Stone MH, Pierce KC, Sands WA, Stone ME (2006). Weightlifting: Program Design. Strength and Conditioning Journal, 28 (2), 10-17.

I put Pete Magill's site "Younger Legs for Older Runners"on my links for whenever I feel to be humbled about masters running much faster.

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  1. Intentional overreaching is pretty much what I did last week. I hope it will pay off, but there was plenty of time left before the marathon, so I guess both you and me will be ok.