Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Strong winds 4 x 1600m

A strong wind made for tough running in one direction on the loop. I concentrated more on form than time. Thinking of head, neck, chest alignment - looking ahead at a fence line with shoulders relaxed - no tensing.
Trying to remain light on the feet and minimal arm cross swing.
It was a good mental along with physical workout to gain some positive training adaptation.
The numbers:
3 mile w\u: 26:34 8:51\mile
1-1600 6:04
2-1600 6:10
3-1600 6:29
4-1600 6:29
3 mile c\d 23:47 7:56\mile

note: I added another Boston Marathoner to the sidebar - another fast Master!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Mark

    Nice running thoughts and great splits.

    I was looking at those guys on the sidebar and wow... it is a little humbling to be in the company of those guys (yourself included).

    I guess I've got some work to do.

    Best of luck with your training.