Thursday, March 26, 2009

Army-Revolutionary-Navy Running

wd - easy 7m in ~57 min. on the Battle Road Trail.
th - 3 x 15 min. @ marathon tempo
Ran this on the 0.5 mile track on Fort Devens. Its a real old Army post rich in history. For some reason Garmin didn't agree with the exact distance. The troops assured me it was wheel measured. They also have mile posts at the quarter mile points.
w/u 2.65m at 8:25/mile in 18:57
#1 16:21 for 6:32/mile (Garmin 2.65m for 6:10/mile)
#2 16:17 for 6:30/mile (Garmin 2.66m for 6:07/mile)
#3 16:17 for 6:30/mile (Garmin 2.62m for 6:13/mile)
c/d 2.0m at 15:19 for 7:40/mile
total: 12 miles
fr - easy 9 miles 1;19:39 for 8:51/mile on the Naval War College running trail. Beautiful weather with sunshine, a bay breeze and mile temperatures. It was nice to soak up some sea air.

easy 9m tomorrow and then 18 on the Boston course Sunday in case anyone is out there!

What's cool about this years Boston? US stands to see two of its own possibly win! Kara's recent win in Lisbon puts her right on track. Read the Oregonian article here about her "wheels".
Ryan's interview from running times one month out sounds good also.

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  1. Hey Mark - thanks for the articles!

    The Garmin does not track properly going around circles - it's always way too fast.

    For my track workouts I have to hit my splits manually (even if they're mile splits) because the Garmin is so far off. Typical Garmin error on the track is 4-5% (meaning the time around the lap is correct, but it always records the distance as 4-5% longer than it actually is - thus the error in pace)