Monday, April 27, 2009

5K Destiny: 16:40 in 2009

An old Sioux Indian proverb says: "If you don't know where you are going, any path will take you there."

The first step down the road to a greater level of running success is selecting a destination.

1. Establish a Definite Chief Aim -Napolean Hill - "in what do you truly believe?"
2. Practice the Law of Increasing Return - spend the time and effort in stretching and strengthening; look for the feedback, one step at a time

"have the vision to see your future . . . and the will to grasp it."

By the gift of the Creator I hereby recognize in my mind a goal above my previous Masters achievement in the 5K (17:00) to 16:40 in the year 2009.

Sound Health - use nutrition tips from Fast Track

Fear and Worry - Open PR well below this mark, feel the confidence
Indecision and Doubt - Age not an obstacle
Peace of Mind - Work strength training and plyometrics to put the mind at ease
Positive Mental Attitude - Always for every second of the 16:40 race


  1. Good luck w/ the 5k this year Mark. I agree w/ you - I don't think age should be a factor at all. A lot of the Masters runners I follow are actually posting better times at 45-46 years old than they did when they were 41-42.

    Some examples of great performances after the age of 40 in Masters Track:

    Peter MaGill: 5k - 14:34 at age 46
    Tony Young: Mile(indoor) - 4:13.25, 3k - 8:32 at age 46
    Nolan Shaheed: Mile - 4:39 at age 58!!!
    Jim Sorensen: Mile - 4:02, 800m - 1:50.3 at age 40

    It would seem that nowadays, 40+ runners who train properly and consistently can achieve things never thought possible.

    Looking forward to reading about your quest for sub-16:40!

  2. That's a worthy target. Good Luck!