Friday, April 10, 2009

The First Corral

The ATC (2:58 marathoner) for flight 1549 (Potomac River landing) gets in the first corral. Read about it here. Where will you line up? With the first corral or where a typical 2:58 pace would put you (corral 2/3)? Interesting, also, Bill Rogers gets bib number 79, reports he is a middle of the pack runner and will most likely be walking on the course at some point. Where will Billy line up?

Thursday a 2 x 20 minute tempo Tempo Run - total and average 42:46.00 (6:22 pace)

Friday 7.25m at an 8:05 pace

Saturday an excellent Morse Road hill run for six miles in 43 minutes

Sunday a slow and tired 11.25 at a 8:39 pace, it was cold and windy, what gives?

Monday: 7 mi, 50:35 (7:13 / mi), could've really cranked on the trails

Tuesday: 5 x 1000 at 10k pace, I think most of these were at sub-6:00 / mi. not shooting for the moon here.

One more workout left for the week is 5k at marathon pace.

Mental preparation is ongoing, especially given the lack of training as this feels like I am just coming out of the base build phase vice sharpening.

I am thinking Saving Private Ryan may be a good movie to see. Ryan Hall reports watching Passion of the Christ.

If you see me running down Boylston Street like I am trying to run off a soon to be blown up bridge you'll know why.

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