Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Marathon Recap

I've got two real good reads for you.

An elite first time Boston Marathoner tells His story from the front, like way up there. Check out the part of the Kenyans horsing around.

The next is from a fellow blogger that I follow who just broke another marathon PR! Wayne ran the Hamburg Marathon in a time that I hoped to have been running by now.

Its interesting to read and learn from these accounts as there may be something for the rest of us to apply in our own marathoning, consider this as part of your acquired learning experience.

easy 80 minutes yesterday in unusually dry oppressive 95 degree heat out in the Reservation
today a "quick" 5 miles in ~34 minutes on Haynes Loop as cooler temps prevailed


  1. Thanks for the articles Mark. I know Carlos, Crosby's Asics Aggies teammate. (he mentioned him a couple of times) He opened up a running store less than a mile from my house. I'd head down there once in a while and talk running w/ him for about an hour or so when he had a slow day at the shop.

    Carlos is new to marathoning as well. His first marathon was the Oregon Marathon in '08 I believe. He won the race in 2:25. I looked up his time in Boston - he posted a 2:31 (I guess he had a tough day as well)

    Small world - first you see my coach in one of your races, and now you post an article where I know one of the guys mentioned.

    Good stuff!!

  2. Thanks for the comments/questions in my last entry. It triggered me to do some more analysis with my training and racing.

    I'd like to see some new PRs from you in the 2nd half of '09.