Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tomorrow: 113th Boston Marathon 2009

The forecasted temperatures look quite ameniable, the headwind on the other hand is a factor to consider as predictions range from 10-20 mph.

A fairly low key marathon weekend since picking up the bib numbers early on Friday; we ran six miles yesterday and a half dozen strides on the soccer field this afternoon.

The pasta dinner at the La Cantina on the marathon route was quite remarkable as we shared bread with these three fellow blog runners. From L to R is Michael, Thomas, Mike and myself.

Best of luck to you fellas in tomorrow's race!


  1. Great photo of you guys - best part of blogging right there.

    Good luck to all of you tomorrow!!

  2. All the best to you and your good lady wife for tomorrow's race!

  3. Hey Mark - I've been tracking you guys all morning while working away here at home.

    At this point, they say you've just crossed the 40k mark in 2:41:31. Your 5k splits have been remarkably consistent throughout.

    I'm now just waiting for them to post your finishing time. Maybe a big kick can get you in just under the 2:50 barrier??