Sunday, May 31, 2009

64.5 Miles of Running This Week

The running mileage bumped up to a level not seen since the month of March to 64.5. The "sweet spot" may be between 60 and 70 allowing time to work in some of the preventative injury exercises.

Two speed workouts this week, 800-1600-400-400m, and 9x300m. To cap it off pushed the future Boston Marathon qualifier in the stroller alongside my bride, she captured second in her age group, in a grueling hilly half marathon, should also mention one week out from her full marathon. Some people having trouble with recovery?

Anyhow, next week is 12-15x200m with Kyle, 3x6min. tempo and the Rhody 5K.

Friday, May 29, 2009

5k in 5 Weeks Plan Update

Somewhat on track, lacking in quantity are strength training, form drills, stretching, s/u, p/u, squats sessions. Isn't it the case for most?

am: 5 M in 40:35
lunch: 6 M in 48:31
the legs lacked any pop on both runs, attribute it to the rainy-misty cloud we've been in for the week--where's the sun? If you've got some send it over here!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

9 x 300 meter w\100 meter Jog

w\u-15:24 (2M)
9x 300m with a 100 meter jog
c\d-26:42 (3.35M)

Felt pleased with the effort, although it didn't seem like too much work.

Question: What are the proper track markings to follow for the 300 meters?

am- 5 miles in 35:40
pm- 6 miles in 40:36

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No Look

w\u - 14:17
400 jog-2:25:61
400 jog-2:36:79
400 jog-2:17:62
400 jog-2:26:70
c\d - 15:54

What is the meaning of this workout?

Its on the schedule so I ran it. The pace fell in the McMillan range except the last 400, a tad too fast. I took a cue from Michael as in not looking at splits rounding the track. Thanks!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Get Your Rhythm

Taking inspiration from this workout video I moved the old legs as light and fast as they could go underneath me for 6 of the 6-8 x 800s
Easy 2M warmup in 16:13
all with a 400m jog between (~5-6 mins?)

McMillan Running Calculator off my 2:50 marathon has the Speed Workout of Middle Distance Runners at 2:33.8-2:40.8. I feel pleased as to the results but certainly room for improvement. Eight would've been too many and the jog rest was a must.

Forgot to do the cool down run going straight in for strength training
Later ran 2.75M with stroller in 24:03.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sir Speedy? Think Not!

Todays 5K race is 18:17 5:53/mile; being exhausted yesterday I was advised, and adhered, to taking the day off. The weathered played out nicely and the course quite ameniable, although the RD said its more like 3.18 miles (5:44/mile or a 17:49).

The 5K mark is set, not so fast right? First mile 5:22? Unfortunately as unable to rely on any mile splits resorting to running by feel. Next time it'll be better to take time to scout the course as it is so close to home.

Take away is to build speed, should come with time, keep emphasizing the intense focus; if its not painful your training and should be racing.

It was good to chat it up with Jack, the 1976 Boston Marathon Winner at the race.

***on an upbeat note this 5K was faster than any 5K I ran in 2008!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sprint Running: 12 x 200 Meters

Pretty sure reading this folks won't be contacting me to break the world record of 19.30 seconds in the 200 meter sprint. Later I read the middle and outer lanes are preferred. I ran the inner lane and always have being a novice on the track.

Which lane do you run your 200s?

Added 400 meter rest after the first to get a break on the wind and bring the total distance to 5000 meters.

200M/Jog (seconds)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Maybe The HR Monitor is Warranted

Date Miles Time Pace
 Wednesday, 5/13/2009   4   29:21.00   7:20.25 
 Wednesday, 5/13/2009   6   40:17.00   6:42.83 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blood Pumping In Many Muscles

Eating a chocolate chip cookie thoughts were to run a 5:20 to 5:30 pace for todays 3X 1600M. I felt hungry, more, so I ate a pork loin cut and some re-heated pasta.

Maybe, an hour or so wasn't enough time to fully digest the food as the pace never hit its mark.

First one too fast 5:34, felt beat for the second, 5:54, then eased on last at 5:54 with a hard final 400 by 5 seconds

Monday, May 11, 2009

Easy Day-10M

Yesterday paced a friend in local tri at 8;:30/mile for two miles, a sprint tri.

Easy Run
Distance: 4 mi
Time: 30:51 (7:42 / mi)
Comments: rt heel rubs

Type: Easy Run
Distance: 6 mi
Time: 44:39 (7:26 / mi)

Saturday, May 09, 2009

8 Days Until Race

It'll be a 5K next weekend to test out the race legs. Will it be Sir Speedy? Hmmm, we'll see as I've been wanting to do nothing but nap after supporing my wife to her first place masters finish over hill and dale. I later ran home for 14 miles and mowed the lawn.

14M in 1:44:28, all was good until the hill at mile 11 where the pace fell back for two miles finishing mile though was back to low 7:00s.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Cheese Famine and Swine Flu Pandemic

We've got a swine flu pandemic worlwide and a cheese famine video for motivation. You better get some speedy legs to run fast and faster!

Ran a 2x 3-2-1 minute tempo with 1/5 minute rest, a few mix-ups on my part, Garmin went to autopause at one point, drizzly rain again, 50 degrees, -actually not a bad workout for my first time running **bonus is only 15 minutes, ~2 miles w\u and 2 miles c\d!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

5K Plan: Get on Track

In review of yesterday's botched w\o I discovered the w\u and c\d were to be only 15 minutes each, roughly a total of four miles vice my seven.

Today the legs came around and the rain let up, but it was an easy day so no chance to do a workout. The adaptation period I figure will take a couple of weeks for my body to adjust to the training regimen.

Mike asks me about the 3 min. rest interval on my 5K program, at first I thought it was just a carry over from my marathon program then I realized this is actually right out of "Fast Track" a book co-authored by Suzy Favor Hamilton. I am jumping in at the conditioning phase: Week 5.

did a double today, second one faster as felt groggy from last nights Fourth of July Road Race meeting - looking forward to tomorrow's 3-, 2-, 1- minute tempos

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

5X 1000m: 5K Program

Going into todays 5x 1000 meters it dawned on me "what pace should I run?" The McMillan Calculator came to mind, plugging in my recent Boston Marathon coming up with 1000m in 3:20.8 to 3:30.1.

Looking further my marathon time showed I should've been able to run the PRT in a 5:23\mile pace. Ahh, you say, that's with proper training for the distance, right.

1-3:41, 2-4:20, 3-3:40, 4-3:41, 5-3:39.

Went to 1200 meter on #2 as wasn't thinking looking for leg turnover had to wear gloves & jacket to bear the strong wind and light rain. Average 5:53/mile.

If you have a minute take a hard look at this short term 5K program I put together:

From Run_Faster_Master

Monday, May 04, 2009

Navy PRT

I'll be working on posting plans for a 5K program this week. For now let's look at yesterday's Navy PRT results.

For those readers not familiar with the PRT it is the semi-annual Physical Readiness Test. Each branch of service conducts a test and each one's branch has slightly different standards. The Navy PRT consists of a sit-reach, sit-ups, push-ups and a 1.5 mile run. Points and categories are awarded based on age and gender.

The test:
  1. Demonstrate flexibility by sitting on the floor legs extended and reach to your toes. Fingers touching or reaching beyond is acceptable. This is either pass or fail. You are now 25% done!
  2. I was able to do 90 sit-ups, 10 short of my typical, in the alloted two minutes. Rates an Outstanding High
  3. A tough category for me is the push-ups. Two minutes being way more time than my strength, managed 48 ridiculously looking for a Medium Good.
  4. The 1.5 mile run was on an out and back course. First time for me on this course, it is a sidewalk along Walloston Beach. The surface is mostly concrete with a few sections of asphalt. My pace had to be adjusted to slip between a group of seven walkers on the way out and the return I popped down and up a high curb to avoid a pedestrian and on-coming participant. Ran this in 8:11 and was given 8:08 based on their last runner crossing the start. Good for a 5:27/mile pace.

Somewhat pleased with the results as it establishes a baseline to build on. I can see the six week program propping all these numbers up soon. The sit-ups should be a definite 100, the push-ups with good form would be nice around 75, and the run should be under 8:00 minutes. For sure!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Initial test: 28 push-ups, 48 sit-ups, 50 squats then 9 m yest. Rest today!