Tuesday, May 05, 2009

5X 1000m: 5K Program

Going into todays 5x 1000 meters it dawned on me "what pace should I run?" The McMillan Calculator came to mind, plugging in my recent Boston Marathon coming up with 1000m in 3:20.8 to 3:30.1.

Looking further my marathon time showed I should've been able to run the PRT in a 5:23\mile pace. Ahh, you say, that's with proper training for the distance, right.

1-3:41, 2-4:20, 3-3:40, 4-3:41, 5-3:39.

Went to 1200 meter on #2 as wasn't thinking looking for leg turnover had to wear gloves & jacket to bear the strong wind and light rain. Average 5:53/mile.

If you have a minute take a hard look at this short term 5K program I put together:

From Run_Faster_Master


  1. I like the program Mark, it looks to be very well thought out.

    Question for you in regards to your 1000m and mile repeats - have you considered doing any of these w/ 1-min or 90-second breaks as opposed to 3-min? (more of a Daniels thing I believe) I'd be interested to know how you chose that rest time.

    I typically do a few different types of 1000m sessions - usually the ones at 5k pace have 1-min to 90-second breaks and the ones at 3k pace have 3 to 3.5-min breaks. (I'm actually doing a split-1000 session tomorrow which has 4.5-min rests, but that's because the last 200m of each will be run at a considerably faster pace than the first 800m - totally different type of workout)

    Anyway, if you were to shorten your rests, wouldn't that more closely approximate the event thus giving you more event specific training? Just curious.

    Best of luck w/ your training, I'm sure you're going to do very well!

  2. Since I have never trained specifically for a 5k, my knowledge is rather limited. But speaking from personal experience (in marathon training), I would do only one speed workout in a race week.

  3. thanks guys your feedback is much appreciated

  4. what I like:
    - well balanced and with the right workouts

    what I do not like:
    - the key workouts specific for 5k seem done in reverse order (the 5x1k first, than 3x1600... at the end shorter stuff...)

  5. Thomas I am thinking of moving the second workout of the first week to Wednesday as a back to back giving two easy days before competition. That way I don't lose the training and get the rest.