Thursday, May 07, 2009

Cheese Famine and Swine Flu Pandemic

We've got a swine flu pandemic worlwide and a cheese famine video for motivation. You better get some speedy legs to run fast and faster!

Ran a 2x 3-2-1 minute tempo with 1/5 minute rest, a few mix-ups on my part, Garmin went to autopause at one point, drizzly rain again, 50 degrees, -actually not a bad workout for my first time running **bonus is only 15 minutes, ~2 miles w\u and 2 miles c\d!


  1. Brings back fond memories watching cartoons. Did you feel fast like Speedy? Are 1/5 minute rests 1 to 5 minutes? Timed effort workouts fun in my book.

  2. Well I didn't see Sylvester so the pace wasn't too speedy!

    The rest time is 1 minute jog between tempo intervals and 5 minutes between the sets.