Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Get Your Rhythm

Taking inspiration from this workout video I moved the old legs as light and fast as they could go underneath me for 6 of the 6-8 x 800s
Easy 2M warmup in 16:13
all with a 400m jog between (~5-6 mins?)

McMillan Running Calculator off my 2:50 marathon has the Speed Workout of Middle Distance Runners at 2:33.8-2:40.8. I feel pleased as to the results but certainly room for improvement. Eight would've been too many and the jog rest was a must.

Forgot to do the cool down run going straight in for strength training
Later ran 2.75M with stroller in 24:03.

1 comment:

  1. Nice session Mark!

    IMO you probably don't need to do more reps or do them faster going forward - as you improve you could just cut down on the rest time until you can hit your targets w/ say 3-min rests. (100m slow jog out and then return)

    2:40 per 800m is about the 5k pace you're shooting for at 16:3x, so eventually this could turn into a 5k pace type session and 6x800 would give you almost 5k total volume.

    In the fall when I'm doing my base training, I often do 5 x 1000m @ 5k pace w/ 60-90 second static rests between. It helps my aerobic fitness tremendously. (however this is current 5k pace, not target 5k pace)

    Anyway, really nice session.