Monday, May 04, 2009

Navy PRT

I'll be working on posting plans for a 5K program this week. For now let's look at yesterday's Navy PRT results.

For those readers not familiar with the PRT it is the semi-annual Physical Readiness Test. Each branch of service conducts a test and each one's branch has slightly different standards. The Navy PRT consists of a sit-reach, sit-ups, push-ups and a 1.5 mile run. Points and categories are awarded based on age and gender.

The test:
  1. Demonstrate flexibility by sitting on the floor legs extended and reach to your toes. Fingers touching or reaching beyond is acceptable. This is either pass or fail. You are now 25% done!
  2. I was able to do 90 sit-ups, 10 short of my typical, in the alloted two minutes. Rates an Outstanding High
  3. A tough category for me is the push-ups. Two minutes being way more time than my strength, managed 48 ridiculously looking for a Medium Good.
  4. The 1.5 mile run was on an out and back course. First time for me on this course, it is a sidewalk along Walloston Beach. The surface is mostly concrete with a few sections of asphalt. My pace had to be adjusted to slip between a group of seven walkers on the way out and the return I popped down and up a high curb to avoid a pedestrian and on-coming participant. Ran this in 8:11 and was given 8:08 based on their last runner crossing the start. Good for a 5:27/mile pace.

Somewhat pleased with the results as it establishes a baseline to build on. I can see the six week program propping all these numbers up soon. The sit-ups should be a definite 100, the push-ups with good form would be nice around 75, and the run should be under 8:00 minutes. For sure!

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  1. Congrats Mark. I actually didn't know what the Navy does for their fitness test until now.