Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sir Speedy? Think Not!

Todays 5K race is 18:17 5:53/mile; being exhausted yesterday I was advised, and adhered, to taking the day off. The weathered played out nicely and the course quite ameniable, although the RD said its more like 3.18 miles (5:44/mile or a 17:49).

The 5K mark is set, not so fast right? First mile 5:22? Unfortunately as unable to rely on any mile splits resorting to running by feel. Next time it'll be better to take time to scout the course as it is so close to home.

Take away is to build speed, should come with time, keep emphasizing the intense focus; if its not painful your training and should be racing.

It was good to chat it up with Jack, the 1976 Boston Marathon Winner at the race.

***on an upbeat note this 5K was faster than any 5K I ran in 2008!


  1. I think it's too close to Boston to race well yet, especially at the shorter distances.

  2. you may be right Thomas but its frustrating

  3. Wow, between our recent 5k events, and 10-12x200, you'd think we were on the same program. Or perhaps I'm just trying to walk in your shoes.

    I agree with Thomas, and think that it's too close to Boston to race well, but if you're looking for a solid fast pace w/o, "and" don't have big expectation, then all is good.

    Looking forward to seeing what's next. As for me, I have another race in mid-June where I hope to improve.

  4. HaHa Michael, maybe your coach borrowed my program I posted a few weeks back, the one that I got from Suzy's book. LOL.

    Its cool to have you along for the 5K-Marathon ride, and interesting in how it turns out for us.