Monday, June 29, 2009

4th July Race Goal

How about a conservative approach by taking one step up on the Jack Daniels VDOT from a 58 to a 59? This requires a 17:17 5k at a 5:33/mile pace. For the 3.75 - miler on the Fourth a finish time of 20:51 is needed.

While Sundays slow long run was eminent it shall not be the imminent pace on the Fourth of July!

training: 2x 3.75 miles (July 4th course)
First Loop-1-6:37, 2-6:49, 3-6:38, 0.75-4:54 (25:05, 6:41\mi.)
~5 min. water and to tie shoes-ran both 0.75m with 30 sec strides
Second Loop-1-6:31, 2-6:32, 3-6:17, 0.75-4:49 (24:10, 6:26\mi)


  1. Great training run! Good luck on Sat.

  2. Thanks Andrew its confidence building to have one of these runs prior to racing. Good luck in your race on the 4th.