Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Angle

I am halfway through Daniels' book and will be applying the principles learned immediately.

For starters: First three weeks 'foundation' are all easy runs. The pace will go off the Rhody 5K, which is a factor of 58 putting the pace at ~7:19/mile. This will be a recovery/build phase leading to a four week 'early quality' then six weeks of 'transition quality' finishing with four weeks of 'final quality.'


  1. Which book are you reading v1, or v2? Regardless, both are a good read and have a lot to offer.

    P.s. I hope you like long tempo workouts.

  2. Have you dealt with the foot issue properly? Is it safe to go from high intensity work to high volume? We all have our weak links unfortunately.

  3. Michael, I am reading the v1 and will try to pull out v2 for later. By the time the tempos get worked in I'll be ready and be sure to let you know.

    Mike, foot issue? It must be better as I don't recall having a problem. One thing Daniels writes is to learn from your esperiences. My being quantity leads to injury. This 17 weeks will be from 50-70 miles with a tops of 80.

  4. Mmmm "I've been having strain indications on the top of my right foot,...", must have been a passing phantom injury? Good luck with the training.