Sunday, June 07, 2009


The sound of my overinflated mountain bike tire exploding caught my wife and our future Boston Marathon qualifier by surprise as we were gearing up for a post Rhody 5k bike ride.

Rhody 5K splits were 5:30/5:40/5:49 finishing in 17:35 for 88th overall place, 25th of 123 Masters. A very nice sunny, 70-80 degree morning with a slight breeze. Corkscrew type course very well run race organization and an excellent post-race feed.

A twenty second per mile pace difference is absolutely unacceptable! It didn't feel like that bad out there but when I counted the eighteen or so runners I kept falling behind I knew my pace was dropping. I did try to get some water in at both stations as I was feeling a bit parched. Despite that there was enough in the tank to hold off a few Masters and catch a couple of runners on the dog track.

I should note my pre-race routine was more for a marathon as it was an easy run of the course and very few stretches. For some reason, maybe timing, I didn't do the regular routine. This race was interesting as the men race at 9:30, women at 10:00 and the kids race after the last female finisher.

Looking back in '07 I ran a 17:11 about this time of year. I feel there is some work needing to be done relative to pacing and endurance. A continuation of the 5K program will be coming to bring this trend through to the 4th of July.


  1. Great race Mark, much improved from the last 5k - clearly your training regimen is paying off.

    Just a matter of time until you hit your goal.

  2. Good race, if nothing else you know where you need to work. I'm looking forward to seeing how you make out down the road. Like Mike said, your training will pay off.

  3. Nice job Mark! 17:35 is not bad. If your running at the track is any indication, I think you will come back and smash that time in a later season race.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement guys and checking in.