Saturday, June 27, 2009

This Time

With a 201 and 305 Garmin I was certain to get a read on this morning's 12.5 miler. The distance is 25% of the week's mileage and serving as a long run. Fate would have it the 201 locks onto satellites but the buttons don't change the display, the 305 fails to lock on.

Estimate is ~ two hours of a slugfest, worn and tired run. I could add all the songs played on the iPod from "This Time" to "Let's Make it Right" but my wife says that's a waste of time. She did say return the Garmins if they are not working right.

"Good point Honey, they were gifts where did you get them?"
"LL Bean."
That's cool as they have a QuickExchange program for returns on failed products. A new Garmin 405 is on its way while the other two go back.

Mike commented on my last post regarding a "foot injury." That's right there was a bit of soreness that faded after a few easy days. Its amazing how the higher miles stresses my body. I'll be keeping JD's no more than 10 miles increase in three weeks in mind.

Thomas called out that two w\o prior to my 5K championship race may be too much. He was right as my race suffered. Also, poor foresight as there were no post racing on the schedule to build to; that was the premier 5K event for the plan.

Check out Michael's blog if you want to get some 5K activity as he has one coming up prior to a marathon build. He is aslo following JD's program so we will be keeping tabs on each other.

These legendary blog posters, Mike andAndrew and Wayne, are on the boards as they kick off their Fall marathon plans.

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