Thursday, June 18, 2009

Volume and Intensity

There comes a breaking point when I realize its time to back off on the number of miles or the faster pace. Yesterdays 9:00 min/mile 5-miler in the morning told me to skip the second run and break out the ice.

I've been having strain indications on the top of my right foot, overstretched back side of right knee and thought maybe something on the right inner shin. The unusual nerve out of place since the Boston Marathon in the bottom of my left foot is still there, more noticeably when barefoot upon walking after waking. The last sore item to note is both hind quarters need recovery from the combined hills and track work.

The mileage gets reduced until the body catches up, ice gets broken out, intervals will slow to projected race pace and work on shortening the rest period vice going faster. Work on pacing and endurance. Thoughts are to run the intervals at 5:20/mile and monitoring the rest intervals gradually bringing it down to build endurance.

This plan my friends should result in meeting this goal.

9 x 200 meters with 200 meter jog rest w\Kyle
w\u 17:05
Goal is 40 seconds for each 200 meters
total 1800 meters 5:15/mile (18:51.97) 776 seconds of jog rest
c\d 18:00
edit: in reflection hind quarters and back of right knee were also "self stretched" recently


  1. Stay healthy and injury-free Mark.

  2. The only one to know which course to follow is yourself. Backing off at the right time is getting more and more important the older we get.