Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cross Training Activities

For the week of non-running activities thus far: inline skating, hiking, biking and walking.

Other choices:

aerobics, baseball/softball, badminton, basketball, calisthenics, cross-country skiing, elliptical trainer, fencing, football, frisbee, golfing, gymnastics, hockey, ice skating, isometrics, lacrosse, martial arts, massage, nordic track, pilates, pool running, racquetball, rock climbing, rowing, snowshoeing, ski machine, soccer, spinning, stair climbing, stretching, surfing, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, walking, water skiing, weight lifting, wrestling, yoga

I biked 23 miles yesterday and walked six miles today. What will it be tomorrow? Swimming in Walden Pond on Thursday for those of you interested.


  1. It's still too cold to swim up here.

  2. Its been a cool year here thus far and I am thinking a wetsuit for warmth and buoancy should help .

  3. I need to try the idea of a non-running week. Sounds like fun doing other activities.

    I think you'll be ready to roll and full of energy next week.