Sunday, July 12, 2009

Power Hiking

Good for 90 minutes in the Great Brook Farm State Park. GBFSP also serves as the race location for the first of the USATF-NE XC Grand Prix races starting in August so it was good to be on the course.

With a delightful Summer day mountain bikers, horse back riders, hikers, runners and day-trippers were experiencing excellent trails and good ice cream.

Almost forgot we did some more baking by evidence of this delicious banana walnut bread.

If you want a good walk head to Boston along the wharf to view the tallships moored alongside.


  1. I think you just might be the smartest person I know, either that of you're not afraid to learn from the past. Good for you for taking some rest now. For what it's worth, even two weeks at this point would be okay.

    Take it easy, and when you get back out there make sure you have fun, i.e. run where you enjoy it most, even if it means taking a drive.

  2. Michael thanks for the positive encouragement.