Sunday, August 30, 2009

3 x 5K Pogression to Marathon Pace

Taking a workout from our fellow Boston Marathon runner, Michael, we set out to do his 5 x 5K working down to marathon pace. B- already had in mind we would only do three!

I found the Pratts Mill/Austin Loop course in town on USATF that allowed for a w\u and c\d total of 10K, with the full workout we could get 35K, which would be nice.

We settled for three loops . . . 22:22/21:14/20:16 all the while pushing the stroller.

The week wrapped up with 76.5 miles and cooler temperatures.


  1. Great w/o Mike, well done. Did you take any rest? BTW, I did, 1-k float after each 5-k section. My last MP w/o is supposed to be 3x10-k but I think I'm going to run a half marathon race.

    I've never followed a progression like this in the past, but it seems to work well, i.e., (1) 6k, 5k, 4k, 3k, 2k at MP, (2) 5x5k MP and (3) 3x10k MP.

    Hope you're all doing well ~ cheers

  2. hi Mark, just a comment on the 5 video's link;
    I've been doing this sort of core training for many years, the workout will help you with muscle balance and help reduce injury.
    He does show some plyometric exercises at the end of the last video, plyometrics can really help improve your speed and power, rocket jumps, hopping in place, hopping forward etc, all work well to improve stride length and speed!

  3. Michael, my first rest was ~5 mins., the second was too long ~10 mins. I like your idea of doing the float.

    Rick, thanks for the plyo tip.