Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Stroller is Beating You

Break the summer slump by running a race. Around here there are plenty of weekly races to take part within a short drive. I ran this one last year much slower. This year running without a watch, reverse course route which changes every week, moving along with whomever wanted to lead.

About eight cross country kids bridged the first three-fourths of a mile before a masters runner with baby stroller breaks through going up the first hill. I finally get around the kids around mile one giving chase to stroller runner and some under-19 y.o.

My wife yells "a stroller is beating you! "

I catch the two we make the turn and head for the largest hill of the course. Realizing stroller runner is slowing, Pressing the pace, concerned x-c kids may catch up, just enough to drop the stroller runner.

The under-19 matches hanging off my shoulder. The hill arrives while I touch on a little more speed to see how the kid will respond. At hill crest he finally lays back gasping while I cruise through the cutover looking forward to the downhill half mile.

The last 400 meters comes after a right turn, I look back, decide to push a little as the U-19 is making a surge. Finish in 18:30, 12 seconds ahead of the number two for the CMS Weekly 5k.


  1. Congratulations, but I guess all the credit has to go to your good lady wife for her, er, encouraging shout.

  2. Congratulations on the race. How are you 'feeling' about the running, i.e., is the enjoyment there? All the best this week...

  3. it's 5 a.m. and I am icing my inner right calf--always seems to be something to complain about :-)

    thanks for the congrats!

    Wayne, if you ever get over this way the CMS weekly races like this one are held on the old Fort Devens Army Base. Soldiers of New England were processed throough here from the Civil War through both World Wars to the early 90's. There is still some military here but its not the same as the old days.

  4. Nothing like a stroller to put some spring in your step. Nice job!

  5. Too funny about the stroller... I watched my wife do a 5k and saw a stroller guy finish in 18:30... I was SHOCKED... though, the baby appeared to be, too.