Thursday, August 13, 2009

How Did The Guy With The Stroller Do?

If you run a race pushing a stroller be prepared for uninvited questions and comments. Last nights weekly 5K was no exception as J- (future Boston Marathon qualifier) and I unofficially ducked under 19:00 minutes at 18:58.

This is 28 seconds slower than last week's and 22 seconds faster than last years sans stroller races.

We finished 9th overall and third masters. It was hot, muggy and buggy.

Right shin is getting daily ice treatments until the "woodenness" is gone.

side note: A good Read on B2B and Falmouth which may be in the cards for next year. Actually, they are two "must do" races in New England.

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  1. My son is just now old enough to join me on my runs in his stroller - its so much fun. Not sure when or if he'll make his race debut - but in my log I've started to note stroller pr's!