Monday, September 07, 2009

16 Crazy Hills

A gorgeous day on Cape Ann. Luckily I hooked in with another runner, Jeff, to pace through the 76th Around Cape Ann 25K race averaging 6:24-6:25/mile.

Interesting note is Gloucester, host and one of the Cape Ann towns, recently lifted their water-ban requiring residents to boil before using their water. Chlorination was quite evident in several water stops, where one water station was being re-supplied from a five gallon pail I passed. We did find one station with lemon-lime gatorade and one with watery blue gatorade. Other than that it was just water for this run, no gels, gu's or bars.

With sixteen hills we had our work cut out for us to flatten. Memorable hills are at mile 9 coming out of Rockport, home of bearskin neck and motif #1, and mile 15 a twisty steep knuckle dragger leaving you panting at the top.

A good race as I went in with a plan and met the plan; collateral damage to this point is minimal, although an intense track w\o is off the books for tomorrow. The Mcmillan Calculator puts my marathon finish at 2:53, but Mcmillan's rule of thumb shows marathon PR condition.

official 1:39:17, 6:24/mile, 3rd Master (actual-4th as one Master in top 3)
2-6:28, 12:43
3-6:25, 19:09
4-6:21, 25:30
5-6:30, 32:01
6-6:31, 38:32
7-6:21, 44:54
8-6:25, 61:20
9-6:43, 58:04
10-6:33, 64:37
11-6:02, 70:39 short mile?
12-7:10, 77:49
13-missed, busy area of Gloucester fishing port
14-12:03, 1:29:53
15-6:11, 1:36:05
15.56-3:12, 1:39:17
*** also qualifies as my first Masters PR for '09! note: we only have one 25K in New England with the exception of New York.


  1. 6.24 pace with 16 crazy hills is impressive stuff, looking good!

  2. Congratulations on the run, what with all the hills, well done!

  3. thanks guys-it's a good confidence builder!