Thursday, September 17, 2009

3 x 2 Mile at L-S Track

Despite the upper chest infection and insect bite skin reaction I took to the track for some action.
Tuesday's leisurely 48 minutes on the six mile trail left the legs feeling revved to loop the oval.

3.75m to L-S track 29:02, from 30:03. Rest: jog of 400m ~3 mins.
1 - 5:59, 6:00 (12:00)
2 - 6:02, 5:58 (12:01)
3 - 5:59, 5:59 (11:59)
Total distance: 13.5 miles

I'll be looking to increase the level next week on this workout, maybe 4x2m or 3x3m.

Today: easy for one hour at about 7:30/mile pace.


  1. Nice w/o Mark, those are some solid times. I assume you're feeling better?

  2. Thanks Michael; I still have something in my upper chest-hopefully it dissipates soon as it's bringing my energy level down some.