Sunday, September 13, 2009

Drills in the Mist

Thanks to Rick's inspiration in continuing the drive to get speed/strength drills in every week. Pete Magill put together this cool video on Running Times to see what I am talking about. Well done. Yesterday's session at Cutting Field on the turf proved excellent; total four miles for the day.

Today found us on the Boston Marathon course with the Jimmy Fund walkers, we ran w\stroller for about 18 miles. Let's call the pace best as time on our feet. We thought there would be some reprieve from the drivers with all the walkers but no such luck.

89.25 miles (8 sessions) --this will probably be the peak
25K race at MP--good confidence builder
Rest of week pace were easy to allow for recovery, the legs feel good.

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  1. Nice week, well done. I'm looking forward to seeing how the race goes.