Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Can't Walk

With the marathon only a week away the question is will I be racing? Maybe, ask if I'll be running or walking for that matter might be better! Yesterday's meeting with a podiatrist at New England Baptist Hospital shed new light on the issue.

With a stroke of good fortune we got x-rays and an evaluation. It's not a pretty picture to see or hear.

Comments of "this break here", "when did you break this area last", "any surgeries", "I don't see how you could run like this", "you're a wildman", "does this hurt". "Who is your podiatrist", "I am calling him now", "I'll need an MRI", "you've got major arthritis from a previous fracture."

Is an MRI ($2000) covered under our insurance? BCBS administrative wasn't available on a Saturday to answer the question and it's website wasn't clear. I was going to press in getting it done, but we were late for our son's friend's birthday party.

The Doctor set me up with a walking boot; realizing that I still couldn't walk he provided crutches. For now it's continuing R.I.C.E. and hoping to get the MRI and appointment with my podiatrist soon.

Good luck to all you folks racing this weekend!


  1. Running is a gift but you need to walk before you can run. Take care of yourself now.

  2. "when did you break this area last"???

    That does not sound good, Mark.

  3. if I had a home x-ray machine I would know when I last fractured these foot bones. I've never had it diagnosed as any pain went away over time and was chalked up to overuse. This time I wanted to see what's going. One of the most destroying activities was probably the 24-hour race back in 2001.

  4. So sorry to hear about this. I hope the recovery goes well.