Sunday, October 18, 2009

Marathon Frustrations

Days, weeks, months of training for the marathon day that doesn't, due to an injury, is enough to leave one distraught and at a loss for "what could've been." A PR?

Possibly, the Nor'Easter storm blowing through New England in any one of three marathons, Baystate, Mt. Desert Island and Newport left many another with similar feelings.

Let's sail on, point our bows into the wind, weather the swells until this storm has passed as there are brighter days in our future. Congratulations to all of you that took on the challenge in such brutal weather conditions. You earned that medal and the stories.


  1. Thanks, flew in from Houston to run the Baystate with my son and daughter in law. Back in the warm sun now, it was epic. The hot Gatorade brewed up at mile 17 was the highlight of the race.

  2. epic is right Vince!