Monday, October 05, 2009

Topsfield XC - Taper Begins

Racing on the B.A.A. team for 8K at the Topsfield XC highlighted this week.

Monday: 18M Long Run 6:37-6:40/mile for 15, overall average 6:55/mile
Tuesday: 6M Track - 9 x 800s @6:16/mile
Wednesday: 6M Trails
Thursday: 8.7M Track - 3K-2K-1K @6:19/mile
Friday: 10.5M Trails
Saturday: Rest, rained all day
Sunday: 10M Coss Country Race
Total: 62.7 miles

Race Report:
1M-6:00 relaxed and smiling, 2M-6:27 not much hill strength, it's a real big hill that you loop twice without much flat running. I tried for sub-30 minutes + staying with my competition; too rocky for spikes with intense focus on foot placement and ankle twisting, despite yesterday's all-day rain mud sections were tolerable.

On the lead to the final stretch, time 29:10; best effort now is to catch the harrier in front, with a good downhill open stride I am side-by-side with the crimson singlet. Hauling through the gulley curve and up to the final stretch frantically, while avoiding the last of the pear size stones, I find myself a half-stride back.

The flat, open finish is rapidly arriving; my family and B.A.A teammates voices are reaching my ears at an ever more deafening level. There, I find another gear matching stride for stride, monitoring my effort as to not repeat the joust of 2007.

The trail starts to blaze as I kick in the high gear gambling this old train will hold together. It works, the red rails have snapped, observers note he stands up, gasps and gives in. I can hear it in some voices while maintaining my fervent pace until across the line.

Results show I distanced this runner by seven seconds. Upon congratulating him in an outstanding kick I receive likewise and then a fresh comment of "I guess you needed someone to challenge you." Our team places second.
most photos courtesy of Kristen(s) thorough the blog:

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