Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Walking Progress: Flexibility Returning

It wasn't until the evening yesterday for the MRI scan. Hopefully, there'll be enough time for analysis and a report for the podiatrist to provide Sunday's racing recommendation. I have the images to review which is nice, now if only I had the training and experience to interpret them.

Ha! Can you actually believe thoughts of running a marathon given the state of last Friday's condition? Absurd, I know but that's how driven, competitive marathoners think. Hence the axiom "the mind is stronger than the body."

But, let's be reasonable if running Sunday will cause permanent damage then it shan't be done.


  1. It should not even be a remote possibility. I hear bye give your wife permission to break your other foot! Mad man!

  2. See .. I knew you were crazy! and birds of a feather ... so that does not qualify me to give you medical advice. -Kyle