Thursday, November 26, 2009

Unknown Runner at Unknown Race

this photo from last year we had snow - this year a mild 40 degrees

This year's Turkey Trot time was two seconds shy of being two minutes faster! 18:43 (6:02/mile) for 5K.

The timing company says "don't say anything" when questioned of why the start line was moved making the course shorter. Also, it's not certified, hence, fun run. Nonetheless a race as my placement was 14th this year with 709 runners compared to last year's 13th with ~520.

Now the lesson learned. We picked up our numbers yesterday afternoon, #19 and #20 wherein the volunteer writes our first name on the tear strip to identify between us. Race morning they announce the computer crashed and all should pay attention at the finish line to get their time while they do their best with extra staffing to ensure placements are correct.

The awards are given out to our surprise we are not mentioned, what nerve. We march over to the fancy timing van to inquire. The lady, at first fresh, was accomodating but the man deserves a good scolding for attitude and gross timing negligence. A top ten woman and a runner pushing a stroller, top 15, goes unaccounted for in results tabulating because they didn't know from the tear strip who the runner's were.

Folks, it's simply a matter of matching the tear strip #19, #20 to the printed registration sheet to find the full runners information. After all we did pay an extra $5.60 for the mandatory online race registration on top of the $25 entry fee. The information is there someone just got lazy or sloppy.

A final consolation was the announced master women had not picked up their prize so at least my wife was awarded. They are nice prizes after all. For me, it was a cup of hot cocoa and a story.


  1. Looks like Vermont.

  2. Andrew is insightful and runs fast.

  3. But we all know I only run fast when it doesn't count. ha ha!