Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Good Reason

to write this blog is to publicly keep on track for the Boston Marathon training cycle.

Today, a slight deviation from the program, calling for Intervals/7-10 with 2(4 x 800m) blah, blah: I opted for seven miles on a new route, with a few fartleks. The weather goddess brought cold temperatures and a headwind gusting to about 25 mph for a real feel of about 10 degrees F.

26:35 out, 25:00 back (including time on Wollaston Beach) for 6.7 miles


  1. What about the 8x800m, or 8x3', +/- a some seconds? Looking forward to seeing how you deliver this year. All the best...

  2. I would if I could without getting injured. I'll be nursing these muscles until that invincibility day comes out, i.e. the Boston Marathon.