Monday, June 29, 2009

4th July Race Goal

How about a conservative approach by taking one step up on the Jack Daniels VDOT from a 58 to a 59? This requires a 17:17 5k at a 5:33/mile pace. For the 3.75 - miler on the Fourth a finish time of 20:51 is needed.

While Sundays slow long run was eminent it shall not be the imminent pace on the Fourth of July!

training: 2x 3.75 miles (July 4th course)
First Loop-1-6:37, 2-6:49, 3-6:38, 0.75-4:54 (25:05, 6:41\mi.)
~5 min. water and to tie shoes-ran both 0.75m with 30 sec strides
Second Loop-1-6:31, 2-6:32, 3-6:17, 0.75-4:49 (24:10, 6:26\mi)

Good Start

Rest from yesterday boded well as todays run went down in a sweet 6:59/mile pace for five miles. A little faster than the 7:19/mile target; I slowed it down in the last half-mile just to get the overall higher. You might say the legs are back!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

9:59 Pace

For 5 miles, it felt real slow. . . brings the weekly total to 49.2 miles. If adding walking time and miles the week would be much larger leading to the lethargic feeling of late. Next week will be easy, maybe strides on two days and then our Townie Race (3.75 miles) on the 4th.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

This Time

With a 201 and 305 Garmin I was certain to get a read on this morning's 12.5 miler. The distance is 25% of the week's mileage and serving as a long run. Fate would have it the 201 locks onto satellites but the buttons don't change the display, the 305 fails to lock on.

Estimate is ~ two hours of a slugfest, worn and tired run. I could add all the songs played on the iPod from "This Time" to "Let's Make it Right" but my wife says that's a waste of time. She did say return the Garmins if they are not working right.

"Good point Honey, they were gifts where did you get them?"
"LL Bean."
That's cool as they have a QuickExchange program for returns on failed products. A new Garmin 405 is on its way while the other two go back.

Mike commented on my last post regarding a "foot injury." That's right there was a bit of soreness that faded after a few easy days. Its amazing how the higher miles stresses my body. I'll be keeping JD's no more than 10 miles increase in three weeks in mind.

Thomas called out that two w\o prior to my 5K championship race may be too much. He was right as my race suffered. Also, poor foresight as there were no post racing on the schedule to build to; that was the premier 5K event for the plan.

Check out Michael's blog if you want to get some 5K activity as he has one coming up prior to a marathon build. He is aslo following JD's program so we will be keeping tabs on each other.

These legendary blog posters, Mike andAndrew and Wayne, are on the boards as they kick off their Fall marathon plans.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Angle

I am halfway through Daniels' book and will be applying the principles learned immediately.

For starters: First three weeks 'foundation' are all easy runs. The pace will go off the Rhody 5K, which is a factor of 58 putting the pace at ~7:19/mile. This will be a recovery/build phase leading to a four week 'early quality' then six weeks of 'transition quality' finishing with four weeks of 'final quality.'

Monday, June 22, 2009

Off Track - Switching Gears

A setback in this Spring's goal turns the focus to Fall Marathoning. After a few easy running days, 9:00 min/mile, the left hip is left to feeling less than normal. Self-diagnosis leading to higher mileage and intensity of the tight track turns burning 200s. Will the 16:40 5K resolve? Maybe, but its second, always has been, to the marathon goal.

This is the time to shift gears as we are 17 weeks out from the USATF New England Marathon Championships. Its the Baystate Marathon where I ran my first marathon, a Boston Qualifier, flat and fast.

Through the down time I've picked up our ten year old copy of Jack Daniels Running Formula to train smarter. A few insights will be coming out as the weeks follow. For now lets just say the maximum weekly mileage will be right around 7o and not to exceed 80.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Volume and Intensity

There comes a breaking point when I realize its time to back off on the number of miles or the faster pace. Yesterdays 9:00 min/mile 5-miler in the morning told me to skip the second run and break out the ice.

I've been having strain indications on the top of my right foot, overstretched back side of right knee and thought maybe something on the right inner shin. The unusual nerve out of place since the Boston Marathon in the bottom of my left foot is still there, more noticeably when barefoot upon walking after waking. The last sore item to note is both hind quarters need recovery from the combined hills and track work.

The mileage gets reduced until the body catches up, ice gets broken out, intervals will slow to projected race pace and work on shortening the rest period vice going faster. Work on pacing and endurance. Thoughts are to run the intervals at 5:20/mile and monitoring the rest intervals gradually bringing it down to build endurance.

This plan my friends should result in meeting this goal.

9 x 200 meters with 200 meter jog rest w\Kyle
w\u 17:05
Goal is 40 seconds for each 200 meters
total 1800 meters 5:15/mile (18:51.97) 776 seconds of jog rest
c\d 18:00
edit: in reflection hind quarters and back of right knee were also "self stretched" recently

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10 x 400 Meters

16 June Workout: 10 x 400 Meters with 60 - 90 second recovery (goal 80 second laps)

Ran one short. Somehow? The school had kids doing lap races and then broke out to sports in the area. Trouble was parents\teachers standing in lane one.

400 meter / 200 meter Jog (60-90 sec rest)
Total 3600 meters (5:05/mile average) 767 seconds of jog rest

MO: am-6m hills, pm-6m trails

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Running 75 Miles This Week

Monday AM - 5.00 mi @ 40:23 (8:04 pace)
PM - 3.00 mi @ 26:34 (8:51 pace) (stroller)

Tuesday AM - 5.00 mi @ 40:18 (8:03 pace)
PM - 600 M Repeats - 2.80 mi @ 14:55.00 (5:19 pace)

Wednesday AM - 5.00 mi @ 38:12 (7:38 pace)
PM - 6.00 mi @ 44:36 (7:26 pace)

Thursday AM - 5.00 mi @ 37:00 (7:24 pace)
PM - Tempo Run - Treadmill - 2.40 mi @ 15:00.00 (6:15 pace)

Friday AM - 5.00 mi @ 35:50 (7:10 pace)
PM - 10.00 mi @ 1:33:02 (9:18 pace)

Saturday AM - 6.00 mi @ 44:58 (7:29 pace)

Sunday AM - 3000 Meter - 1.86 mi @ 10:21.00 (5:33 pace)
AM - ARNWR - 6.00 mi @ 46:38 (7:46 pace)

TOTALS Running: 75.8 mi

The legs didn't start coming around until Thursday morning despite Tuesdays track workout. You sir are not ready to race as the muscle adaptation progresses and takes time. It doesn't quite feel like a competition phase; my mind is not in it as there are no real identified races.

Maybe, call it floundering with recovery until a concrete plan takes place. Looking to the Fall a flat and fast marathon is on the books!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Pacing Get it Right

The first five weeks (conditioning) of the 5K program are complete. The next stage is competition, this involves sharpening and a reduction in mileage. I'm not to keen on bringing my mileage down as its only averaging 54 miles a week. The lessons learned from the USATF race was pacing and endurance. Todays workout showed both are in awry.
Scheduled 8 x 600 meters with a two minute rest.
I figured to run these between 1:53 to 1:57
w\u - 15:31
#rep-time-rest time
1-1:00-1:29 oops only ran 300 meters!
8-1:59-1:27 (14:55 total time, 5:19 average)
c\d - 17:08

a little on the slower side, but that's okay!

Sunday, June 07, 2009


The sound of my overinflated mountain bike tire exploding caught my wife and our future Boston Marathon qualifier by surprise as we were gearing up for a post Rhody 5k bike ride.

Rhody 5K splits were 5:30/5:40/5:49 finishing in 17:35 for 88th overall place, 25th of 123 Masters. A very nice sunny, 70-80 degree morning with a slight breeze. Corkscrew type course very well run race organization and an excellent post-race feed.

A twenty second per mile pace difference is absolutely unacceptable! It didn't feel like that bad out there but when I counted the eighteen or so runners I kept falling behind I knew my pace was dropping. I did try to get some water in at both stations as I was feeling a bit parched. Despite that there was enough in the tank to hold off a few Masters and catch a couple of runners on the dog track.

I should note my pre-race routine was more for a marathon as it was an easy run of the course and very few stretches. For some reason, maybe timing, I didn't do the regular routine. This race was interesting as the men race at 9:30, women at 10:00 and the kids race after the last female finisher.

Looking back in '07 I ran a 17:11 about this time of year. I feel there is some work needing to be done relative to pacing and endurance. A continuation of the 5K program will be coming to bring this trend through to the 4th of July.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

12-15 x 200 Meters

w\u-15:59 for 1.9 miles
On the track with 200 meter jog:-
11-36/84 half step start, swallowing breathing mix-up
15-34/82 took a little work
c/d-17:45for 1.85 miles

Steady effort, good recovery (~8-10 seconds longer than the 5/14 workout).

B.A.A. latest news is this free mini-meet in conjunction with USATF-NE. Bill Rodgers is looking to lead a six minute per mile pace on the track for National Running Day

Now a motivational quote for the upcoming 5k:

The good Lord gave you a body that can stand most anything. It's your mind you have to convince. - Vincent Lombardi

Monday, June 01, 2009

Cinder Block Gardening

Photo of our new cinder block garden growing tomato plants, jalapeno peppers, cucumbers and pumpkins (these two will need to climb out as they mature), also two flowering plants.

am: 5M in 37:19
pm: 7M in 48:49