Monday, August 31, 2009

Upcoming 25K

We changed up the marathon prep schedule by adding the below toe bruiser for Labor Day, one week from now.
Training: easy 4.4 miles in high 8's/mile. Sore right ankle and strain behind right knee. Hopefully mile repeats on the track tomorrow.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

3 x 5K Pogression to Marathon Pace

Taking a workout from our fellow Boston Marathon runner, Michael, we set out to do his 5 x 5K working down to marathon pace. B- already had in mind we would only do three!

I found the Pratts Mill/Austin Loop course in town on USATF that allowed for a w\u and c\d total of 10K, with the full workout we could get 35K, which would be nice.

We settled for three loops . . . 22:22/21:14/20:16 all the while pushing the stroller.

The week wrapped up with 76.5 miles and cooler temperatures.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Drills and Strength Training

A key component for this upcoming marathon build is going to be drills and strength training. After getting over the rut, it's going to be key in preventing injuries and getting faster.

Read this article for ideas if you are stuck. I believe returning to higher carbohydrate intake turned my energy level around dramatically. It's nice to be back!!!

Check out these five training videos here that I recently discovered and let me know what you think.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Improve 5K Race Time by 15 Seconds

It's been three weeks since this last effort. All went well in a solid race feeling within myself and confident in not overreaching. The goal was 5:50/mile with the end result of 5:52/mile.

Maybe the mile splits are off, 6:03, 5:39, 6:00, :32 for 3.1 miles. Both 6's head up a hill; it could be in my head :-)

Our local CMS racer, Dan took first honors cruising ahead of me in a tick over 18, while I solidified the 1st Master post.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Still Hot & Humid

We skipped last week's 5K race as J- skinned his knees on the playground. It looks like we'll be back tomorrow, the weather hasn't changed. Hurricane Bill came by off the coast never bringing the cool dry air.

We continue to swelter. Imagine running with 100% humidity so the perspiration never leaves your skin, internal temperature heating and pace slowing. It's been like that for a week.

Thanks to Kyle I made it back to the track since June.

w\u-16:49, c\d-14:09
400-82, 800-2:51, 2:50, 2:53, 400-85, 85, 84
very humid, rt shin felt at end. Time to ditch the 500+mile New Balance 768s

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"run first, ask questions later"

Maybe I'll put my notes together showing a well laid out fall marathon plan. The trouble is it hasn't been followed since week one. Here we are 60 days out, the legs are finally coming around, and I read this article thinking that's where last week's 70+ miles came from.

easy 5 M this morning in 41:24. Tonight's weekly 5K race should be a steamer as another hot & humid day is in the forecast.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Black Rat Snake?

Running and weaving amongst the trees on the trail in the reservation. WooOaa! I suddenly became startled by a black snake near the edge. The oppressive 94 degree heat and humidity was enough for the past hour to be taken by surprise of some three foot long constrictor.

I beat feet out of there in a total time of 82 minutes for 10.5 miles. Another surprise was last week's 70+ miles of running.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Make It Slow For Me

Another short, right shin bother-some 3.5 mile run at a 9:35/mile pace.

On the brighter side yesterday did include a second run, two bike rides and a Walden Pond swim.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

How Did The Guy With The Stroller Do?

If you run a race pushing a stroller be prepared for uninvited questions and comments. Last nights weekly 5K was no exception as J- (future Boston Marathon qualifier) and I unofficially ducked under 19:00 minutes at 18:58.

This is 28 seconds slower than last week's and 22 seconds faster than last years sans stroller races.

We finished 9th overall and third masters. It was hot, muggy and buggy.

Right shin is getting daily ice treatments until the "woodenness" is gone.

side note: A good Read on B2B and Falmouth which may be in the cards for next year. Actually, they are two "must do" races in New England.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Molassses Slow

When it's a 46:27 training run for five miles and you regularly run this in 35-38 and as fast as sub 30 you know something is different. Can it be nutrition. Since Spring I've loosely followed the Fast Track nutrition tips changing my diet and am having mixed results.

Time to bring the once a week pasta, almost daily Finagle-A-Bagel and oatmeal back into the nutrition program in a carbohydrate effort to return the energy level.

(oops. . . should also mention yesterday's five mile run and four hour bike ride having something to do with this morning's slowness)

Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Stroller is Beating You

Break the summer slump by running a race. Around here there are plenty of weekly races to take part within a short drive. I ran this one last year much slower. This year running without a watch, reverse course route which changes every week, moving along with whomever wanted to lead.

About eight cross country kids bridged the first three-fourths of a mile before a masters runner with baby stroller breaks through going up the first hill. I finally get around the kids around mile one giving chase to stroller runner and some under-19 y.o.

My wife yells "a stroller is beating you! "

I catch the two we make the turn and head for the largest hill of the course. Realizing stroller runner is slowing, Pressing the pace, concerned x-c kids may catch up, just enough to drop the stroller runner.

The under-19 matches hanging off my shoulder. The hill arrives while I touch on a little more speed to see how the kid will respond. At hill crest he finally lays back gasping while I cruise through the cutover looking forward to the downhill half mile.

The last 400 meters comes after a right turn, I look back, decide to push a little as the U-19 is making a surge. Finish in 18:30, 12 seconds ahead of the number two for the CMS Weekly 5k.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Light of the Sun

Running for ten miles lesser the five additional (15 total) planned nets a 7:40/mile pace. 2.5 mile Bowker Flats Loop = 1-19:44, 2-18:32(38:16), 3-18:32(56:48), 4-19:56(1:16:45). Pulled out as last mile was very slow.

The week finishes off with 46 miles in seven miles.

Now, its time to go to the beach at Walden Pond.