Tuesday, September 29, 2009

800s at MP (in my dreams)

w\u-15:50 + 4:24 = 20:14
c/d-16:24 + 4:30 = 20:54

nothing to stressing – will take it easy now.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Depletion Run

1-7:57, 2-7:30 (15:28)
3-7-33:24 (6:40/mile)(48:52)
8-12 - 33:39 (6:43/mile)(1:22:32)
13-17 - 33:05 (6:37)/mile)(1:55:37)
18 - 8:54 (2:04:31).
original plan was four loops (20 miles), better to stop based on feedback

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Team Baby Froggy

Our "Team Baby Froggy" placed first on a very hilly Applefest Half Marathon Masters, 3rd as co-ed and 6th of 121 relay teams.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1 x 3 Mile: Take it Easy

With two 20 oz. bottles of fluid, a Shuffle for tunes, and an extended lunch one might think a mammoth track session. Crimminy, let's try 4 x 3-miles at 6:00/mile I kept thinking in the 29 minute run over to the track.

the numbers:
1-5:59, 2-6:03(12:02), 3-6:02(18:04)
rest of five minutes jog\walk\bathroom
1-7:39--flat tire, wheels fell off, the energy is zapped!!!

cool down run in 30:30.

post analysis: (A) 78 degrees with 65% humidity, sun and wind. (B) 4 x 15 minute trail tempo on Monday (C) 22-miler from Saturday (D) upper lungs still congested restricting breathing. (E) all of the above

My wife says your body is telling you to take it easy. So, it will be for the next couple of days.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Good Long Run

Remarkably this was the first good sustained effort of over 20 miles in the Baystate Marathon buildup this Fall. Where has the time gone? It seems my training is usually better focused for the Boston Marathon in the Spring.

B.A.A. newcomer, Brian, 20-time Boston Marathoner, joined me as we ran four of the Haynes Loop five mile course:

w\u: 16:42 ~2 miles (+)
1 - 35:49 (52:32)
2 - 35:53 (1:28:25)
3 - 34:45 (2:03:10)
4 - 34:11 (2:37:21)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Baystate Marathon Sight

Baystate Marathon, originally uploaded by jrdv0404.

It's good we did the trial run (last week), as the start/finish has changed since we ran here last in '01.

Easy trail run ~7:30/mile for six miles

Tomorrow: 22 Miler! four times around on the Haynes Loop five mile course. I've been thinking a solid 7:00/mile pace but have been flirting of notion to run it as a progression.

Give a shout out to Wayne as he takes on the Berlin Marathon this weekend.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

3 x 2 Mile at L-S Track

Despite the upper chest infection and insect bite skin reaction I took to the track for some action.
Tuesday's leisurely 48 minutes on the six mile trail left the legs feeling revved to loop the oval.

3.75m to L-S track 29:02, from 30:03. Rest: jog of 400m ~3 mins.
1 - 5:59, 6:00 (12:00)
2 - 6:02, 5:58 (12:01)
3 - 5:59, 5:59 (11:59)
Total distance: 13.5 miles

I'll be looking to increase the level next week on this workout, maybe 4x2m or 3x3m.

Today: easy for one hour at about 7:30/mile pace.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Deep Chest Cough

Noticed on yesterday's Heartbreak Hill climb. It's more progressed today as I eat chicken noodle soup and salmon.

An insect left their stinger in my inner bicep three miles into the run:
Course: Water Row
Distance: 10 mi
Time: 1:17:13 (7:43 / mi)
Comments: 4th July course-28:37

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Drills in the Mist

Thanks to Rick's inspiration in continuing the drive to get speed/strength drills in every week. Pete Magill put together this cool video on Running Times to see what I am talking about. Well done. Yesterday's session at Cutting Field on the turf proved excellent; total four miles for the day.

Today found us on the Boston Marathon course with the Jimmy Fund walkers, we ran w\stroller for about 18 miles. Let's call the pace best as time on our feet. We thought there would be some reprieve from the drivers with all the walkers but no such luck.

89.25 miles (8 sessions) --this will probably be the peak
25K race at MP--good confidence builder
Rest of week pace were easy to allow for recovery, the legs feel good.

Monday, September 07, 2009

16 Crazy Hills

A gorgeous day on Cape Ann. Luckily I hooked in with another runner, Jeff, to pace through the 76th Around Cape Ann 25K race averaging 6:24-6:25/mile.

Interesting note is Gloucester, host and one of the Cape Ann towns, recently lifted their water-ban requiring residents to boil before using their water. Chlorination was quite evident in several water stops, where one water station was being re-supplied from a five gallon pail I passed. We did find one station with lemon-lime gatorade and one with watery blue gatorade. Other than that it was just water for this run, no gels, gu's or bars.

With sixteen hills we had our work cut out for us to flatten. Memorable hills are at mile 9 coming out of Rockport, home of bearskin neck and motif #1, and mile 15 a twisty steep knuckle dragger leaving you panting at the top.

A good race as I went in with a plan and met the plan; collateral damage to this point is minimal, although an intense track w\o is off the books for tomorrow. The Mcmillan Calculator puts my marathon finish at 2:53, but Mcmillan's rule of thumb shows marathon PR condition.

official 1:39:17, 6:24/mile, 3rd Master (actual-4th as one Master in top 3)
2-6:28, 12:43
3-6:25, 19:09
4-6:21, 25:30
5-6:30, 32:01
6-6:31, 38:32
7-6:21, 44:54
8-6:25, 61:20
9-6:43, 58:04
10-6:33, 64:37
11-6:02, 70:39 short mile?
12-7:10, 77:49
13-missed, busy area of Gloucester fishing port
14-12:03, 1:29:53
15-6:11, 1:36:05
15.56-3:12, 1:39:17
*** also qualifies as my first Masters PR for '09! note: we only have one 25K in New England with the exception of New York.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Trails in 43

25K Pace Question

Here is a video RW put together, not that I run fast like these guys, but I did grow up in Wisconsin.

I've been pondering what pace to run the hilly, 16 of them, 25K race on Labor Day. My thoughts are aiming towards a 6:25-6:30 pace per mile. The 6:25 would give me a marathon PR by a slight amount. This is a mindshift from chunking 5-7 minutes off to get back to ten years ago. A slower progression, come from behind maybe what's needed to post a PR for '09.

Training Run - 5.00 mi @ 40:00 (8:00 pace)
Training Run - 4.50 mi @ 29:24 (6:32 pace)

Training Run - Haskell Field - 5.00 mi @ 41:41 (8:20 pace)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Another Devens 5K

Race with stroller in unofficial 19:05, splits: 1.1-6:54, 2-6:00, 6:10
AM: Pratts Mill: out-29:24 back-29:35 for 58:59. total 8 miles

yesterday: track 4 x 1600m w\400m jog, w\Kyle. wu-16:145, 6:17,6:25,6:24,6:13,400m jog cd-13:19,plyos at Cutting, cd-9:13. felt good, conversational.