Thursday, October 29, 2009

Unfinished Business

Haynes Loop in 41:27 for the classic 5-miler. So sweet to have finished what started 20 days ago!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Day After

Diagnosis: basically the same, as the day after Doctor, diagnosis as an irritation of a tarsal navicular stress fractures from a previous break. The bone is also compressed and non- or low in vascular hencing its trouble. No real solution insight if you read here about how this also plagued NBA ball players Bill Walton and Yao Ming.

Prescription: up to two weeks of Aleve, mentioned glucosomine, demonstrated one strengthening exercise and asked for ME to re-consider ever cross country racing again. I'll need to manage this carefully in the days going forward.

Of late, I've ran on two occasions supporting my wife, aka superstar, in her Baystate Marathon and Mayor's Cup XC races. This netted a total mileage of, dare I say it, "six miles."

Today, the day after first taking Aleve and glucosamine I ran the flats (2.5 miles) in under 20 minutes.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Should Be Running

The muscles are saying it's been long enough for recovery, but, the right foot is telling me something is not quite right. Hang in there, maybe the podiatrist will enlighten the root cause and path going forward. Four days until the appointment.

The freebie preview shots above are from my last road race, the Applefest Half Marathon Relay.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Marathon Frustrations

Days, weeks, months of training for the marathon day that doesn't, due to an injury, is enough to leave one distraught and at a loss for "what could've been." A PR?

Possibly, the Nor'Easter storm blowing through New England in any one of three marathons, Baystate, Mt. Desert Island and Newport left many another with similar feelings.

Let's sail on, point our bows into the wind, weather the swells until this storm has passed as there are brighter days in our future. Congratulations to all of you that took on the challenge in such brutal weather conditions. You earned that medal and the stories.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Right Leg Limp

If the ankle extension felt better Sunday would be a go. As of right now it's concerning and being of sound mind the marathon is 50/50.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Three Days to Go

Podiatrist gave me the green light for Sunday, offering medication for any pain, etc. Jury is still out whether I am racing.

If I do I'll be well rested as this is six days straight of no running!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Walking Progress: Flexibility Returning

It wasn't until the evening yesterday for the MRI scan. Hopefully, there'll be enough time for analysis and a report for the podiatrist to provide Sunday's racing recommendation. I have the images to review which is nice, now if only I had the training and experience to interpret them.

Ha! Can you actually believe thoughts of running a marathon given the state of last Friday's condition? Absurd, I know but that's how driven, competitive marathoners think. Hence the axiom "the mind is stronger than the body."

But, let's be reasonable if running Sunday will cause permanent damage then it shan't be done.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Can Walk

The right foot can also bear full body weight. So, 72 hours of R.I.C.E. has paid off as mobility is a step in the right direction.
Now, that the insurance company is back to work I discovered the MRI diagnosis is covered; the cost of two pairs of running shoes is our contribution. Three days after tonight a radiologist report should be ready for the podiatrist to review the diagnosis.

Monday, October 12, 2009

I Can Hobble

Mornings seem to be the worse for any load bearing activity. As the day progressed yesterday I was able to move around with the walking boot sans crutches albeit not very gracefully.

With today's holiday, Columbus Day, any more medical services are on hold. aaarrrgghh!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Can't Walk

With the marathon only a week away the question is will I be racing? Maybe, ask if I'll be running or walking for that matter might be better! Yesterday's meeting with a podiatrist at New England Baptist Hospital shed new light on the issue.

With a stroke of good fortune we got x-rays and an evaluation. It's not a pretty picture to see or hear.

Comments of "this break here", "when did you break this area last", "any surgeries", "I don't see how you could run like this", "you're a wildman", "does this hurt". "Who is your podiatrist", "I am calling him now", "I'll need an MRI", "you've got major arthritis from a previous fracture."

Is an MRI ($2000) covered under our insurance? BCBS administrative wasn't available on a Saturday to answer the question and it's website wasn't clear. I was going to press in getting it done, but we were late for our son's friend's birthday party.

The Doctor set me up with a walking boot; realizing that I still couldn't walk he provided crutches. For now it's continuing R.I.C.E. and hoping to get the MRI and appointment with my podiatrist soon.

Good luck to all you folks racing this weekend!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Not Good

Two miles into an easy five mile Haynes loop my pace is slowing from the earlier 7:30 to over 8:00\mile. I pull over for some light stretching and realize the right foot pain is unbearable to continue running.

Hobbling back home using a stick to support my weight a Town resident gives me a lift; what a godsend. She saw me struggling and then digging through the brush for a stick realizing I was in trouble.

I've made it through the night but cannot walk, only crawl or use the laundry basket as a walker. I am thinking it's a stress fracture of the navicular, which could take 6-8 weeks in recovery. The trouble is it's a Holiday weekend making it difficult to reach medical services.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Take A Day Off

No problem taking time off after feeling very beat up from Sunday's XC run. Little one's fever spell keeping us awake half the night didn't help matters.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Topsfield XC - Taper Begins

Racing on the B.A.A. team for 8K at the Topsfield XC highlighted this week.

Monday: 18M Long Run 6:37-6:40/mile for 15, overall average 6:55/mile
Tuesday: 6M Track - 9 x 800s @6:16/mile
Wednesday: 6M Trails
Thursday: 8.7M Track - 3K-2K-1K @6:19/mile
Friday: 10.5M Trails
Saturday: Rest, rained all day
Sunday: 10M Coss Country Race
Total: 62.7 miles

Race Report:
1M-6:00 relaxed and smiling, 2M-6:27 not much hill strength, it's a real big hill that you loop twice without much flat running. I tried for sub-30 minutes + staying with my competition; too rocky for spikes with intense focus on foot placement and ankle twisting, despite yesterday's all-day rain mud sections were tolerable.

On the lead to the final stretch, time 29:10; best effort now is to catch the harrier in front, with a good downhill open stride I am side-by-side with the crimson singlet. Hauling through the gulley curve and up to the final stretch frantically, while avoiding the last of the pear size stones, I find myself a half-stride back.

The flat, open finish is rapidly arriving; my family and B.A.A teammates voices are reaching my ears at an ever more deafening level. There, I find another gear matching stride for stride, monitoring my effort as to not repeat the joust of 2007.

The trail starts to blaze as I kick in the high gear gambling this old train will hold together. It works, the red rails have snapped, observers note he stands up, gasps and gives in. I can hear it in some voices while maintaining my fervent pace until across the line.

Results show I distanced this runner by seven seconds. Upon congratulating him in an outstanding kick I receive likewise and then a fresh comment of "I guess you needed someone to challenge you." Our team places second.
most photos courtesy of Kristen(s) thorough the blog:

Thursday, October 01, 2009

3K-2K-1K, XC Video Codfish Bowl 2009

misc. loops on track, rest 400m + time
relaxed and easy w\o
average pace for total came out to 6:19/mile

embedding this inspirational video of the Franklin Park exscitement of Boston, wish we could've been there!