Sunday, January 03, 2010

Snowshoeing Around Puffer Pond

Snowshoes were calling this morning to loop Puffer Pond over at the ARNWR. I created this pretty lame video after being isnpired by Jamie. The batteries died and Windows Movie Maker crashed once so a ten minute edit is what we have.

The schedule was for 14 miles, snowshoes were around five and then maybe 3.5 miles on the road for the day. I feel a little disappointed in the overall effort.


  1. Would be fun to round up some of the coyotes and use them as sled dogs. :-) Cool little video, looks like a great area to explore. Hope the equipment behaves better next time.

  2. It beats no running at all. At this stage, tell yourself the variety is good... come early spring you'll have more than enough hard miles on the roads to contend with. Good luck.

  3. What did you get for a camera Jamie?