Thursday, February 18, 2010

Running the Boston Marathon Roads

Some of our local B.A.A. runners are here explaining our viewpoint of running on the roads this time of year as the Boston Marathon approaches.

Sunday: starting at B.C. against the wind and uphill to mile 4, wanted to quit there, turned running back to mile ten for a total of 23 miles.

Positive note is pace ~7;40/mile average an improvement from last long run of 18 @ 8:20/mile. Next day--total rest and the long toe blackened!

Tuesday intervals, 5 x 1 mile, stepped each 10 seconds down from 6:30 to 5:50. Yoga stretch helped later, new Brooks Defyance sans orthotics not a good choice. Staying out of the snow storm- running on the Woodway-good choice!

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  1. Nothing like the home field advantage is there? Now if you could only get the weather to cooperate on Patriots Day!