Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Shoes for the Boston Marathon

Want to know what's going on for the Boston Marathon?

For a searchable Entry List.

For text alerts on athlete tracking that will hopefully be more timely than years past.

Must have Course Map to help you navigate around the route.

An a.m. five mile run with overcast, drizzly skies feeling pretty good about the new shoes bought at yesterday's expo.


  1. Good luck on the BIG day :]

  2. you're crazy but I'm sure you know what your doing with the new shoes. I can slip into a new pair of my favorite Mizunos and knock off a 20 miler no problem but for a marathon... Good luck!

  3. thanks guys. I used to run in the Adidas Rat Racers so the new model feels quite similar. Somehow, after we've run a TON of miles and races we 'just know that feeling.'