Friday, December 31, 2010

1st Week Training - Injured!

Unreal to have a lower back injury so soon. Non-running related is suspect with all the holiday lifting. Here's hoping it clears soon.

Cheers and Happy New Year everyone wishing you the best of luck in your 2011 races!!!


  1. Happy New Year, Mark - and better luck with injuries in 2011!

  2. Yikes! As you said, at least it's non-running related. Happy New Year!

  3. ... you joke? You've had the worst luck of late. I hope you’re able to find some consistency in 2011. Again, looking forward to your training for Boston. Ally and I were talking last night and she mentioned wanting to go back, what’s a runner to do?

  4. I'll try to post more now that Boston is again on the horizon.
    Michael we would love to see you out here again and the family!