Friday, December 23, 2011

"Run hard, be strong, think big!"

-Percy Cerutty, coach

Athletes training under Cerutty said "You came here with the object of running more quickly, and achieving the running, but really it was a education in life" and "You got a whole philosophy of life and attitudes"

-a nice string of 5-7 milers this week; looking forward to some good training this holiday period.

Monday, December 19, 2011

2 Months Til Race Day

13 miler yesterday and an hour of spinning today prompts me to write a post as the Boston Marathon training excitement builds-sorry I missed the group run yesterday!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

For Real 65 Miles

I didn't realize until running the totals that base is back, ha-ha, one week for 65 miles. It's time to dust off the Boston Marathon schedule and make somthing of the next 61 days.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A Crumbled Base

Another summer and the training numbers fall way short of the anticipated level expected for a good fall marathon. What is the problem? For now, it's 66 days until race day and training has resumed.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Base Building

A foundation being laid:

Week Miles Long Run # of Runs Ave. Run Training Pace
 4/25/2011 - 5/1/2011   50.5   12.0   7   7.2   8:15.52 
 5/2/2011 - 5/8/2011   54.0   13.0   7   7.7   8:01.06 
 5/9/2011 - 5/15/2011   67.8   15.0   10   6.8   16:29.66 
 5/16/2011 - 5/22/2011   66.8   15.0   7   9.5   8:01.64 
 5/23/2011 - 5/29/2011   80.0   26.0   7   11.4   8:12.10 
 5/30/2011 - 6/5/2011   50.0   11.0   7   7.1   8:04.20 
 6/6/2011 - 6/12/2011   32.0   11.0   3   10.7   7:41.00 
 Averages:  401.1 (57.3)  14.7  6.9  8.6  

128 days until the marathon is right about 18 weeks out. So, now what? Do I use the BAA Marathon training plan? Any suggestions?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lose 12 Pounds in 6 Days!

The scaled showed at the start of the week at 166 and 6 days later at 154. Amazingly challenging detox drop program that really took discipline to stick with the regiment and at times feeling hungry. I imagine a fair amount of fat was burned to handle the 50+miles of running and daily calisthenics.

Anyhow, that's all done and five pounds was quickly put back on in a few days. It does leave one with a sense of healthier eating and being more thoughtful in nutrition. It seems so many products these days have a good concentration of unnecessary salts and sugars.

I advise anyone who is launching into a detox program to read the references on wikipedia here and consult with their doctor first.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

8 Cubic Yards

Hauling and spreading of eight cubic yards of screened loam may take its toll on tomorrow's long run. This exercise is for grass patching, root covering and evening of the lawn in preparation for grass seed now that spring is finally arriving. Mainly abs, lower back, arm and leg muscles being used. The am long run is to be a family affair including stroller culminating with hot tea and scones!

It's official I am now registered for the Hartford Marathon this fall. No, I didn't qualify for the New England Elite program. Hopefully, my entrant time will at least put my number near the front of the start.

5M in 39:25 on Haynes Loop, felt great considering yesterday’s 10-miler

Navy Physical Readiness Test

The Navy Physical Readiness Test is a semi-annual requirement for all hands. The baic components are sit-reach (fingers reach toes while sitting and legs extended), sit-ups, push-ups, and a 1.5 mile run.

This spring test I did 90 sit-ups in two mintes, 65 push-ups, and 8:23 for the run.

My push-up form was lousy and three short of max. points so I am going back to the 100 Push-Up program.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Trail Run and Hot Tub

An easy six at noon today that felt slow at 8:00'ish/mile through the ARNWR under cloudy skies. I heard a goose laugh as I high-stepped through the marshland water overflowing the trailpath.

Completed smashing the crap out of our hot tub with the sledge hammer. It is now bagged in plastic and ready to be hauled away.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Every so often, rarely, do we get a full tailwind for 26 miles at Boston. It certainly helped many of us despite our tough winter training conditions.

What’s most memorable about this race is my 5K split delta is 58 seconds! In addition recovery is going sweet.

5K-0:20:09 -20:09
10K-0:40:23 -20:14
15K-1:00:22 -19:59
20K-1:20:47 -20:25
25k-1:41:25 -20:38
30k-2:02:22 -20:57
35k-2:23:06 -20:44
40k-2:43:14 -20:08

2:51:59 Unofficial Result
41 of 2556 Age Group Place
650 of 13,806 Gender Place
696 of 23,879 Overall Place

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

1/2 Marathon Prep for Boston

This is an overdue post intended to capture a few notes from the Quincy Half Marathon held on March 20, the same day as the New Bedford Half Marathon. A major difference, other than Quincy being closer to home, is the competition being less fierce. On this day I ran 1:23:32 as 4th Master and 17th Overall. This time at the New Bedford Half Marathon would have place 192nd overall.

The day was sunny and breezy. Along the water of Wollaston Beach the wheels started to come off, mile three, headwind, while searching for fluids. The hill out on Squantum, mile 5, took me down losing running places and finding myself running as a straphanger to everyone coming along. Around 8 miles a water bottle was made available from a fan, shortly after around ten miles another steep hill.

A smaller faster field, runners more spread out, brought uncertainty for course direction in the later miles as the volunteers seemed to think we all knew which way to go at their intersections. A few ran off course, luckily I stayed on track.

I would run this race again, especially now knowing the course. Excellent race management and an awesome catered meal after with good soup.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Beat The Calculator

We found a new race to put on the Boston Marathon prep circuit this year it is Salem's Black Cat 10 Miler. You can also run two loops for 20 miles or a relay. The race starts at 8:00 am shortly after the National Anthem. A cloudy start with showers wihin the last hour and temps in the low 50s provided an opportunity to race in shorts, singlet, long sleeve tee, gloves and a visor cap. It was too late when I realized not wearing the GPS watch to see average pace and having to rely on roadside mile markers. A few markers were later found to be blown over as the gusts of wind came quite strong at times.

Mile 1 and 2 - 12:20
Out easy with plenty of runners ahead. Heading out from the Bentley School into downtown Salem enroute to Marblehead. Position jockeying settled out as runners assumed there race paces. An uncertainty existed as in who was running 10, 20 or relay and which one's were competing in the Masters group.

Mile 3 - 6:11/18:31
A long uphill and the sun breaks through warming the conditions. Pulled in one GCS runner on the hill.

Mile 4 - 6:09/24:40
Off with the gloves, pulled in a gray shirt runner and found a good groove.

Mile 5 - 6:22/31:03
A callout to watch the ground sand at Devereaux Beach hairpin turnaround, missed the water as it was in the turn, just missed being hit by a mini-cooper. Gray shirt pulled ahead of me going to the turn, about 4.5m. I called out "there goes 1-2-3" as the race leaders were well ahead after already making the turn and heading back.

Mile 6 - 6:09/37:13
GCS runner now breathing down my back as gray shirt is 200m in advance. GCS runner's name is Mike as plenty of runner and crowd support cheer him on. Having enough of this I consistently press the effort while slowly dropping the pace.

Mile 7 - 6:03/43:16
GCS cheers seem to have faded but still a threat. Not looking back!

Mile 8 - 6:00/49:17
GCS is history after long downhill. Reeled in gray shirt going through a brick alley heading to the wharves.

Mile 9 - 6:05/55:23
Focused on maintaining pace or better.

Mile 10 - 6:32/1:01.55 overall average of 6:12/mile
Held the same effort despite the slower time. At the loop back I lost site of the red shirt runner in front and relied on race signs to stay the course through the next two left turns. On second left I noticed a few runners missed the turn or I was just cutting the course.
With the time estimate I was on track and seeing a timing tripod with a mile 10 marker about 30 seconds before the finish gets me wondering if the course is long. I wonder if its setup for the same finish with the 20 miler being the overriding distance?

1st Master of 35, 7th overall of 388.

McMillan Running Calculator had me at a 1:02:18. Game plan going in was a 62-65 minute goal. This is after having the last two weeks nursing a left front lower muscle above the ankle pain. Caused from racing Martha's Vineyard 20-miler and hiking Mount Washington the next day.
Let's hope running improves after this and your training is also coming along. Cheers!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dark Miles and Presidential Climb

Disembarking at Vineyard Haven via the island ferry, Island Home, the Marthas Vineyard 20 Miler commences with the firing of a cannon. I find myself in the absolute back of the pack having to weave past hundreds of runners to get to a comfortable running space. A tailwind helps, gusting 20-30 knots, but soon after finds me on the side of the road tying my right shoe. Minutes later, I’ve moved back into position before pulling over under the warm sun-splashed seacoast as we head to Oak Bluffs.

This underprepared start has me concerned as the miles begin to peel underneath through 2-6 with a focus to even split this 20-miler. Our running of Nantucket sound is sweet as a surge put me in a group of four runners and a strong tailwind. Around mile 8 I notice other runner’s breath in the fast approaching cold front that drops the temperature from 40 degrees to 32 and a cloud cover that remains for the race duration.

Mile 10, in Edgartown has us take a right turn; and the next stretch is four miles of cross-island bike trail running bordering hemlocks into the wind. There are a number of very long hill climbs that wears on the pace leading to believe a 64:28 split is going to have a fair amount of give back. Second gel goes down at mile 13 only to be felt later around mile fifteen. Its here, realizing a 2:10 wasn’t going to happen and the runners who passed me in the dark miles, 10-14, were starting to be reeled in. A combination of taking in more fluids and resurgence of maintaining race pace puts this run on a sub 2:12 tempo. I’ll be happy with that.

The next five miles has three turns and an opportunity to dig deep and focus on the mental training for Boston. This works by breaking down the distance to smaller chunks and repeated goals to build confidence. A few more runners passed finally puts all the women behind and close to pulling in one more master before the finish.

Age Group: 2\43
Place Overall: 16\346
2:11:38 for 6:35\mile pace

A 3:30 am alarm starts the next morning to head to Mount Washington for a hike with friends. Another year of adventure and memories as this winter climb is always prone to the dangerously erratic weather. This year brings temperature in the middle single digits with wind gusting to 85 mph on the summit. There were some windblown bare rocks around Lions Head and a very stiff headwind up the steep trail. Near the top were several tennis court sized ice patches that amazingly the crampons keeps me in place as I braced for strong wind gusts. The photo on top has me behind the sign for support from being blown over.

A fairly uneventful summit down, leg cramps on the ride home, to complete another weekend closer to the Boston Marathon.

Going into the MV20 Miler the McMillan Calculator had me at a 2:10:11. With the above result the new marathon equivalent performance is 2:55:19.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back into the Rhythm

I'll be looking to re-establish running and this blog as the Boston Marathon build continues. All is well thus far with the first LR, 19 miler, done at a 7:52/mile pace. Several workouts missed but all systems are primed.

I'm exploring more stretching this time around and would love to hear from you of any favorite links. Thanks!

Monday, January 17, 2011

WDW 13.1M Results

Distance HALF MAR
Clock Time 1:22:44
Chip Time 1:22:13 / 6:17 per mile average
Overall Place 54 / 21980
Gender Place 48 / 9564
Division Place 2 / 1570
Age Grade 77.5%
5K Split 18:58
10K Split 38:40
15K Split 58:11
4th in Military Division

McMillan Calculator puts me at a 2:53:24 marathon

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Nut Island Running Course

Here is my Nut Island Route. It's a seven mile keyhole course.

It starts with the always fast and furious Sea Street for a mile +. After running free of the Adams Shore neighborhood you are along the shore of Quincy Bay heading to the Hough's Neck peninsula capturing vistas of the Boston skyline across the water. The winds can be a factor as the course rolls along taking a few turns landing you at the base of a hill climb. Here I keep looking for the seals out at Seal Rock; haven't seen any yet. Nut Island itself is interesting running and historically as it's a steep climb up, a circle route, and fast down typically taking ten minutes. Check here for the Nut Island Effect.

A typical run will take 20 minutes out, a 10 minute loop, 20 minutes back. Today was a good day to run, as the course worked well, albeit challenging, for a 1 mile -2 mile -1 mile workout for a total time of 49:00.