Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Nut Island Running Course

Here is my Nut Island Route. It's a seven mile keyhole course.

It starts with the always fast and furious Sea Street for a mile +. After running free of the Adams Shore neighborhood you are along the shore of Quincy Bay heading to the Hough's Neck peninsula capturing vistas of the Boston skyline across the water. The winds can be a factor as the course rolls along taking a few turns landing you at the base of a hill climb. Here I keep looking for the seals out at Seal Rock; haven't seen any yet. Nut Island itself is interesting running and historically as it's a steep climb up, a circle route, and fast down typically taking ten minutes. Check here for the Nut Island Effect.

A typical run will take 20 minutes out, a 10 minute loop, 20 minutes back. Today was a good day to run, as the course worked well, albeit challenging, for a 1 mile -2 mile -1 mile workout for a total time of 49:00.

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