Saturday, April 30, 2011

8 Cubic Yards

Hauling and spreading of eight cubic yards of screened loam may take its toll on tomorrow's long run. This exercise is for grass patching, root covering and evening of the lawn in preparation for grass seed now that spring is finally arriving. Mainly abs, lower back, arm and leg muscles being used. The am long run is to be a family affair including stroller culminating with hot tea and scones!

It's official I am now registered for the Hartford Marathon this fall. No, I didn't qualify for the New England Elite program. Hopefully, my entrant time will at least put my number near the front of the start.

5M in 39:25 on Haynes Loop, felt great considering yesterday’s 10-miler

Navy Physical Readiness Test

The Navy Physical Readiness Test is a semi-annual requirement for all hands. The baic components are sit-reach (fingers reach toes while sitting and legs extended), sit-ups, push-ups, and a 1.5 mile run.

This spring test I did 90 sit-ups in two mintes, 65 push-ups, and 8:23 for the run.

My push-up form was lousy and three short of max. points so I am going back to the 100 Push-Up program.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Trail Run and Hot Tub

An easy six at noon today that felt slow at 8:00'ish/mile through the ARNWR under cloudy skies. I heard a goose laugh as I high-stepped through the marshland water overflowing the trailpath.

Completed smashing the crap out of our hot tub with the sledge hammer. It is now bagged in plastic and ready to be hauled away.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Every so often, rarely, do we get a full tailwind for 26 miles at Boston. It certainly helped many of us despite our tough winter training conditions.

What’s most memorable about this race is my 5K split delta is 58 seconds! In addition recovery is going sweet.

5K-0:20:09 -20:09
10K-0:40:23 -20:14
15K-1:00:22 -19:59
20K-1:20:47 -20:25
25k-1:41:25 -20:38
30k-2:02:22 -20:57
35k-2:23:06 -20:44
40k-2:43:14 -20:08

2:51:59 Unofficial Result
41 of 2556 Age Group Place
650 of 13,806 Gender Place
696 of 23,879 Overall Place

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

1/2 Marathon Prep for Boston

This is an overdue post intended to capture a few notes from the Quincy Half Marathon held on March 20, the same day as the New Bedford Half Marathon. A major difference, other than Quincy being closer to home, is the competition being less fierce. On this day I ran 1:23:32 as 4th Master and 17th Overall. This time at the New Bedford Half Marathon would have place 192nd overall.

The day was sunny and breezy. Along the water of Wollaston Beach the wheels started to come off, mile three, headwind, while searching for fluids. The hill out on Squantum, mile 5, took me down losing running places and finding myself running as a straphanger to everyone coming along. Around 8 miles a water bottle was made available from a fan, shortly after around ten miles another steep hill.

A smaller faster field, runners more spread out, brought uncertainty for course direction in the later miles as the volunteers seemed to think we all knew which way to go at their intersections. A few ran off course, luckily I stayed on track.

I would run this race again, especially now knowing the course. Excellent race management and an awesome catered meal after with good soup.