Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just Keep Training

Avoiding the rain with a mid-day out n back 16 miler on the BAA Marathon Course brought on thoughts of foregoing a taper. It's been week upon week of missed workouts that provided fresh legs for todays run. The power leg strength pulled me through the Newton Hills with relative ease. It's a nice feeling seeing how the 128 and Heartbreak Hills have been rather ominous lately.
16 m in ~1:57 for a pace about 7:22/ mile.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Painful NB 1/2

214 Overall, 48/434 Masters
3-6:40 hill
4-6:47 big hill
5-6:35 stitch
6-6:34 stitch
7-6:07 downhill
9-6:38 windy beach
10-6:18 rhythm
13-6:39 big hill
Only expectation on this race was to finish under the 1:28 recorded at Gainesville. Unfortunately since last week's long run I became sick with another virus. Training going in was 14 miles for the week on very low energy.
Having run this race the fast-slow patterns are predictable; I try to avoid stitching by taking it easy on miles 2-3, no success. I bided my time as once they shook the wheels would be back.
Rockaway is a good stretch to lengthen the stride and pull in a few seconds, from there on you are about half way and it's best to work in with a pack.
I found one led by a strong 20-something female that had us picking off runners left and right; that was fun.
It only lasts so long as people get tired, the course turns several times and you are left with the ominous mile 12 hill.
Now only four weeks until Boston - time has passed too fast if this is a predictor race.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Bib Number 1265

See this link for searchable entries.

Couldn't believe I was sick again this week. 14 miles running all week- and slow running!

Monday, March 12, 2012

He's Hurting

An overdue post here from the first half marathon race of the year. This was an early start driving a couple of hours, arriving in the dark and setting Barb off on course run with the stroller found myself on the line with other "sub 1;25" marathoners.
The heat, humidity and my dehydration were probably the factors giving me a tough time leading to the hill climb, "he's hurting." Experience told me to hang onto the Gatorade bottle from my wife at mile five and re-fill it twice later to salvage a totally embarassing race.

Finished as 2nd Master, 13th overall of 693 in 1:28:10.9 (6:44)

p.s. post race week included coming down with a central Florida sinusitis and bronchitis infection leading to high fevers, chills, and totally miserable feeling.