Monday, March 12, 2012

He's Hurting

An overdue post here from the first half marathon race of the year. This was an early start driving a couple of hours, arriving in the dark and setting Barb off on course run with the stroller found myself on the line with other "sub 1;25" marathoners.
The heat, humidity and my dehydration were probably the factors giving me a tough time leading to the hill climb, "he's hurting." Experience told me to hang onto the Gatorade bottle from my wife at mile five and re-fill it twice later to salvage a totally embarassing race.

Finished as 2nd Master, 13th overall of 693 in 1:28:10.9 (6:44)

p.s. post race week included coming down with a central Florida sinusitis and bronchitis infection leading to high fevers, chills, and totally miserable feeling.

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  1. Gainesville, my home town. Adjusting to that kind of weather is always a bit rough. Nice race regardless, hope you feel better soon.