Monday, April 16, 2012

That Was Really Hard

It was hot, 92 degrees in Waltham on the way home.

1265 Bell, Mark
Sudbury MA USA

Start Time Offset: -
Pace: 0:07:53
Finish Time:
  Projected: 3:26:26
  Official: 3:26:26
(All checkpoints are official times.)
 40k: 3:16:32
 35k: 2:49:50
 30k: 2:21:01
 25k: 1:54:45
 Half: 1:35:03
 20k: 1:29:54
 15k: 1:04:03
 10k: 0:41:54
  5k: 0:20:18

Worst Boston ever!


  1. A few of my friends did it this year. Needless to say, they all found it absolutely brutal.

    Well done for getting it done. It wasn't the year for a PB.

  2. The heat was relentless out there! Good effort though, Mark. Hope you recover well. I'm going to find the time to write my Boston race report.