Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Garmin Recovery

I stopped at the Police Academy to recover my Garmin; one of the cadets turned it in. On the Nut Island run I found $20 in the street and provided it as a finders fee. Run was damp to misty and the legs are feeling good while my legs are asking me to do more stretching and strengthening. 7 miles in ~53 minutes

Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Two workouts in two weeks of experimental nature for marathon preparation. Week 1. 8 x 800 meters @6:30/mile, 60 second rest. Week 2: 8 x 1600m @6:30/ mile, 60 second rest. I kept the rest time to 60 seconds to minimize muscle cramping; felt some after #8 & #9 as to be expected with the 50 degree, wet and rainy weather. Seems the only company on the morning tracks are the raindrops, honking geese and people driving by in their vehicles. What's for next week? It will be 11 days out from the marathon. 2 x 5k@6:30/mile?