Monday, August 06, 2012

2012 Vermont City Marathon – Post Race Report

A start by racing with a plan, it solidifies the day before on the mile 15 hill in Burlington. Our evaluation takes the weather, marathon course, physical conditioning, health and history into consideration. Next, identify goal times: Boston Qualifier, Sub-3, Sub-2:50 and something in between? Sub 2:50 is thrown out as the weather forecast has temperatures on the warm side and conditioning less than optimum. A BQ is the fallback plan and minimally acceptable if Sub-3 isn’t happening.

Arrival on Friday for the Sunday’s race allows time to pick up the bib number, visit the expo and settle in. On Saturday a four mile shakeout run around the finishing area while the kid’s events happening helps bring in the racing frame of mind. Later, attending a must-do pasta dinner at Champlain College listening to one of our leading B.A.A. female runners as guest speaker on persistence caps the pre-race mental training.

Race day kicks off with favorable weather conditions and lining up in the second row. To make this story short each mile is ran a methodical 6:50/mile. A check was made at each and between to best stay on focus despite the rolling course. The result is +26 seconds over goal or 1 second per mile, hard to live with right?

Goal: 2:59:06
Finish: 2:59:35 or age graded 2:46:37. Boston Qualifier


  1. Great job, Mark! Well executed plan with stellar results. Well done.

  2. That's funny, you matched my marathon PB to the very second!