Saturday, July 20, 2013

Miles Grow Longer

It seems a better choice to go for a 4 mile run around here as it'll end up being longer than a targeted 5-miler. Street signs would help a great deal! Stay tuned for how tomorrow's marathon course run turns out. Plenty of pre-planning has gone into creating a map, logistics to arrive, along with backup options.

This morning's easy 5 miler time of 74 mins includes stops and walkabout golf club (discovered members only) that also has tennis and swimming. Best establishment I have seen in the area.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Give it a Go?

It's time to resurrect some running. Hopefully marathoning, if injuries can be kept at bay. Taking a more full body approach to conditioning may help as it seems the previous years suffrage is from traditional inline road running. Of recent is an interest in the trend toward natural fitness.

Currently the miles are light, of a touring nature but enough to maybe shed excess weight gained during recovery. Looking ahead it'll be a monitoring situation as a good dose of body weight strength training and play gain a good foot hold in the schedule.