Tuesday, September 17, 2013

10K Masters PR: Lone Gull

 Good times y'all competing with some of New England's fastest in a USATF-NE Grand Prix tradition on an early September Sunday morning. Based in Gloucester’s Good Harbor’s Beach parking lot, the Lone Gull race proves earning its place in the series.

 I really like how the keyhole course, whose small rolling hills and balance of turns, help keep your focus on this challenging race distance. Not one for being a fast 10K runner, plan was to break 40 minutes and check on overall conditioning. Placement would land where it will pending who shows, weather, etc.

 Result is a 39:30 net time, lost 7 seconds on gun time, average pace of 6:20/mile, 35/126 of Masters. McMillan’s calculator projects this out to a 3:05 marathon. I can accept that considering no recent race experience.  Credit may best be conditioning on a steady improvement via speed-strength circuits and keeping mileage low to prevent over training injuries.

Can this be the year of actually completing a fall marathon?
photo courtesy of KrissyK

photos (2) courtesy of http://jimrhoades.com/13/lonegull/index.html

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